• Adara Salon

    Designed and Developed by Million Design Group. Features include a pure-CSS pop-up photo gallery, a Flash MP3 player, an embedded Yahoo Map (scroll, pan & zoom), and a double opt-in html/email subscription newsletter service. Extensive Photoshop work was done for the photo gallery with examples included below.

    Adara Salon
    Photoshop examples
  • Susan Hutsko

    Designed and Developed by Million Design Group. Features include 3 Flash Photo Galleries, a pure-CSS drop down menu, an eCommerce Shopping Cart/Payment system and an html/email newsletter subscription service. The site is dynamic data driven from a MySQL DBMS, allowing products and class information to be maintained by the owner.

    Susan Hutsko Kiln Formed Glass
  • Friends of Big Bend

    This large site for a non-profit was developed by MDG and webweaverwoman.com. Based on a Content Management System, the site is user-maintained. Features include rotating banner images, an event calendar, an online Membership application form, a Gift Shop/Payment system, and customized themes that change the look of the site.

    Friends of Big Bend National Park
  • LCRocks!

    LCRocks is Austin's best 80's rock band. MDG was hired to finish the original site and add new features. Enhancements included 3 external CSS and XML data-driven Flash Movies for Rants & Raves, Client lists, and Song lists, a Flash photo gallery, newsletter subscription service, work on the Band Calendar, MySpace pages, and a weekly html-based email campaign. Two more sites for agents-only and corporate/wedding were created by MDG.

  • Austin Midwife Forum

    Austin Midwife Forum is a site designed by MDG. The use of Content Management System software allows the user to update and maintain the site without programmer assistance. SEO keyword research and page ranking analysis were conducted to target the site to a new market segment. A custom template was developed with 30 rotating banner images.

    Austin Texas Midwife Forum
  • Showtime-Promotions

    Showtime-Promotions is an Austin Entertainment Agency. MDG was hired to add the LCRocks Flash front-end and redesign the existing site. New Dreamweaver templates were created to standardize the 80+ band pages each with images, audio & video clips, and song lists. Flash and Javascript rotating images were also added.

  • Warren Price Photography

    Warren Price specializes in nature and wildlife photography. MDG used a Content Management System. A Blog was added to allow Warren to write about a variety of photography subjects. The Catalog displays images using an RSS feed from ImageKind which handles matting, framing, shipping and payment.

    Warren Price Photography
  • Studio 4 Foot 2

    An Arizona architect created these children's art prints and specified the Look & Feel of the website. MDG was subcontracted by webweaverwoman.com, to provide dynamic client-side JavaScript (Frame/Mat/Image selection), design the database (MySQL), provide the dynamic content pages (PHP), integrate & customize the cart, payment system, the Blog (infrastructure) and to address strategies for site SEO.

    Studio 4 Foot 2
  • BDI Insurance

    MDG subcontracted to webweaverwoman.com to convert 13 Cold Fusion forms to php on-line forms. The pages validate input, are re-entrant with sticky fields and generate html-email to designated personnel at BDI. The forms have as many as 64 different input fields including drop-down selections, radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, and text area input. These are secure forms deisgned to prevent form Hijacking.

    Banard-Donegan Insurance
  • Prestige Homes

    Prestige Homes is one of the largest home builders in San Antonio. MDG subcontracted to webweaverwoman.com to create the secure Inquiry and Warranty forms that validate input and generate HTML emails for Marketing/Sales and warranty support. MDG also implemented the dynamic map on the Communities Page.

    Prestige Homes
  • Easy Photo Class.com

    EasyPhotoClass.com provides online Digital Photography classes for major retailers. MDG was hired to make extensive modifications to the front-end and custom built back-end cart, order processing and gateway/payment systems. MDG developed a new secure class-access system incorporating Digital Rights Management (DRM) and a secure registration & product download area. MDG also designed and installed the business blog, implemented online and HTML gift coupons, enhanced the coupon discount system and the administration and reporting systems.

  • Austin Area Birthing Center

    Austin Area Birthing Center is the largest and finest birthing center in Central Texas. MDG rehosted the Content Management System-based website to reduce monthly maintenance costs. We provide monthly updates & enhancements. Most recently, MDG converted 8 professionally produced High Definition videos to Flash, using processing techniques and a new Codec designed for High Definiton.

    Austin Area Birthing Center
  • 5AM Studios

    5AM Studios is one of the most recognized recording studios in Austin. MDG created a website based on a Content Management System, allowing the business owners to update and maintain the website. News articles were incorporated into the site to provide dynamic content and an RSS feed to notify search engines of changing content. MDG provided SEO servicies to ensure visibility and placement for the top 3 search engines.

    5AM Studios
  • Clackamas Insurance Agency

    Clackamas Insurance Agency is the largest independent insruance agency in Oregon. MDG created a website based on a CMS, incorporates AJAX location maps and a news/article area that can be updated by the business owner. Six online forms were created by MDG with as many as 238 fields that provide field validation and generate HTML emails to the agency and the customer. Forms that require signatures can be printed for faxing.

    Clackamas Insurance Agency
  • Murray Music

    Murray Music is a full service music composing and production house located in downtown Austin. Owner David Murray, is a composer, lyricist, singer, musician, and producer. MDG built the site based on a CMS and responded to the challenge of incorporating a wide selection of media that reflects David's work in Animation, Paramount DVD's, Film, Songs, CD's and Advertising. MDG converted all media to Flash Format to ensure cross-platform visibility on Mac's and PC's. The site includes an area for Dynamic content (News) and RSS feeds for Search Engine notification.

    Murray Music
  • Austin Addiction
    Medicine Associates

    Austin physician, Dr. Matt Masters contacted MDG to create a website for Austin Addiction Medicine Associates. Dr. Masters is a frequent author on chronic pain medicine addiction and treatment of addiction in general. We selected a Content Management System vs. a traditional HTML website to allow Dr. Masters to publish articles on his website and to add additional pages to compliment his practice. MDG also provided SEO services and added RSS feeds to notfiy the search engines about new content.

    Austin Addiction Medicine Associates
  • Quantum Nutrition Center

    MDG performs a wide variety of services for QNCenter including enhancements to the Wordpress site; opt-in newsletter, articles, RSS feeds, and other dynamic content. MDG also provides installation, customization and support for the XCart eCommerce system, customization & management of the Constant Contact Autoresponders and the weekly HTML newsletters, Management of Adwords & Yahoo Search Marketing Ad Campaigns and advanced SEO services. Custom video and premium SEO services provided by Million Marketing Inc.

    Quantum Nutrition Center
  • LC Rocks Newsletter

    MDG publishes the weekly LC Rocks Tour Dates Newsletter. The newsletter is published in both a HTML and Text version.

    Note: HTML newsletters are limited to 600px wide universally, due to limitations in email viewing programs. Not all graphic images used in LC Rocks newsletters are created by MDG, some are supplied by the venue, some are used with permission from a sponsor's website, some are based on photographs taken by the client or 3rd party photographers. MDG may create, further enhance or customize any work at the client's direction.

    LC Rocks Newsletter Example

A representative sampling of website design and technical services offered by Million Design Group